Which unusual gifts and ideas are there in the World?


So, you are on the right place if you want to find unusual gifts and unique gifts. Are you fed up with boring and casual gift ideas? Do you want some real surprise? Then stay here and see what's next!

Why does a gift unusual and unique? Because there is no other one like it in this World. It's special.

This webpage attempts to collect all the gift ideas which are really unusual, unique and interesting. If you want to give a present then give the best!

Unusual gifts
Unusual gifts - DNA11

This is a real unusal and unique gift!
"From life comes art" says the company who creates DNA Portraits, Fingerprint Portraits and Kiss Portraits extracting our DNA and getting prints of our certain parts. After it the raw captured digital image will be processed into a masterpiece. Details here: DNA 11

Unusual gifts - Designamosaic

Unusal personalized photo mosaics for gifts
Mosaic: a picture produced by arranging smaller tile images to form a vibrant larger picture. There can be personalized photo mosaics, made with a user's own digital pictures.
Details here: Designamosaic

Unusual gifts - Jigsaw

Unique gift - Photo puzzle
Jigsaw2order.com are the only merchant that offers 1200 and 1500 piece personalized puzzles as well as a full range of other sizes to suit all ages. Turn your photos into a Puzzle.
Details here: Jigsaw2order Personalized Puzzles

Unusual gifts - SteakBrands

Unique gift for any BBQ fanatic
SteakBrands.com offers the internet's largest selection of steak branding irons. 41 division 1 NCAA schools, personalized branding irons, western themes, a variety of novely branding irons, & many more. Details here: SteakBrands.com Inc.

Unusual gifts - SteakBrands

Personalized flask gift
The Flask Shop’s top-quality products are from timeless stainless steel, to custom engraved & photo flasks, the Flask Shop is the leading source of classic hip flasks.. Details here: FlaskShop.com carries 110+ unique flask designs.

Unusual gifts - Happybirthdaytoyou

Unique gift for birthday
Happybirthdaytoyou.com sells unique singing birthday e-cards. Each birthday song is professionally recorded and individually personalized for each recipient.
Details here: Happybirthdaytoyou.com

Unusual gifts - R.E.Sports Inc.

Personalized Basketball Gifts
R.E.Sports Inc is an online provider of unique personalized team and coaches gifts regarding baseball, football, basketball, hockey, soccer and volleyball.
Details here: R.E.Sports Inc.

Unusual gifts - Crazy Caps

Unique cap gifts
Popular for businesses, pleasure or gifts, the opportunity to make your own cap is exciting.
Details here: Look Professional, Create your own Business Cap

Unusual gifts - ShirtCity

Unique and unusual shirt gifts
At Shirtcity the user can create and order his or her own individual T-shirt, underwear, cap, lanyard, cup, teddy bear and much more with an exact preview.
Details here: ShirtCity

Unusual gifts - FrameAgram

Unusal picture frames for gifts
FrameAgram is a beautiful frame personalized with magnetic text and charms. What is needed: 1. Pick your frame, 2. Choose your message, 3. Select your charms, 4. Upload your photo.
Details here: FrameAgram

Unusual gifts - TeaPotMart

Unusal teapots and accessories for gifts
TeaPotMart provides Yixing Chinese teapots and accessories for tea drinkers and collectors. These unique gifts are both functional or decorative.
Details here: TeaPotMart

Unusual gifts - Odyssey Marine Exploration

Unusal gifts from the deep
Odyssey's Shipwreck Store features products that are living history and truly one-of-a-kind. There is near universal fascination with ocean exploration and shipwrecks.
Details here: Odyssey Marine Exploration

Unusual gifts - Dino-Star

Unique gifts from the past and future
Dino-Star specializes in museum-quality fossils, astronomy products and scientific gifts. Dino-Star is the science store for the kid in all of us.
Details here...